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"Cold War II" -- Putin Threatens

  • 29 Feb 2024 13:11
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    Comment:  Today's Headlines on 29 Feb 2024 and an Essay from 2022 that is worth revisiting.


    Sending troops to Ukraine would risk provoking nuclear war, Putin tells Nato

    Russian president threatens ‘tragic’ consequences for war interventionists during state of the nation speech

    Vladimir Putin has told Nato countries that they risk provoking a nuclear war if they send troops to fight in Ukraine, in an annual state of the nation speech ramping up his threats against Europe and the US.



    Nuclear War Avoidance Why It Is Time to Start Worrying, Again

    Louis René Beres

    In the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and in the face of growing strategic competition, complex existential issues of nuclear war avoidance remain front and center. The following article will examine the pertinent history of nuclear deterrence and the determinable risks of a future nuclear war. In the present moment, Russia’s aggressions against Ukraine plainly underscore these grave risks.


    1. This article is dedicated to the memory of US Air Force General John T. Chain Jr., a former Strategic Air Command (SAC) commander and director of SAC’s Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff.  General Chain was a long-time personal friend and coauthor of Professor Beres, the author of this article.


    Cold War II

    For a time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world became increasingly multipolar. But we now seem to be witnessing the evolution of a second Cold War. There will likely be more conspicuous points of convergent interest and cooperation between Washington and Moscow this time. In principle, at least (e.g., current mutual concerns for controlling Jihadist terrorism), Cold War II could offer an improved context for identifying overlapping strategic interests. But now there are apt to be certain other primary players, most plausibly China.


    Source Document:  Premiere issue Air and Space Operations Review, Vol 1, No 1, Spring 2022

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