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ICBM Legacy

See the ICBM Legacy PowerPoint briefing here at your own speed, or view the YouTube version here.  A PDF version is also available here.

AAFM and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962

Many members of our association were on active duty in missiles or other duties at the time of the October event that almost led to nuclear war.

The Missile Competition

AAFM has been involved in every missile competition since 1993, from Olympic Area to the Global Strike Challenge. AAFM members participate as speakers and panel members, and AAFM presents mementos to participants each year.

The Missile Badge

The history of our badge, changes over the years, and significant events in the history of the "pocket rocket."

AAFM Art Projects

AAFM has sponsored funded art projects at AFSPC, AFGS, the 341st MW and the Minuteman Missile NHS.

Places to Visit

There are a number of static displays, historical sites, and museums dedicated to preserving the history of missiles and missileers.

Preserving History & Heritage

Each year, AAFM contributes to the preservation of the missileer heritage and contributes to the missileer community through our grants and awards.

Missile Patch Collection

AAFM is honored to be able to present images from Greg Ogeltree's amazing collection of patches from missile units, missile programs, and patches from any organization, event or program relating to missiles.

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