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Abbreviations & Acronyms

(does not include heraldic terms, official weapons system designations, or most office symbols)

AAC - Air Armament Center
AACS - Airways and Air Communications Squadron

AAF - Army Air Field // Army Air Forces
AAFM - Association of Air Force Missileers

AAMRL - Harry G. Armstrong Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory

AB - Air Base
ABCCC - Airborne Battlefield Command Control Center

ABG - Air Base Group

ABGD - Air Base Ground Defense

ABM - Anti-Ballistic Missile
Abn - Airborne

ABNCP - Airborne Command Post

ABRES - Advanced Ballistic Reentry Systems

ABS - Air Base Squadron

ABU - Airman Battle Uniform

ABW - Air Base Wing
ACC - Air Combat Command
ACCA - Airborne Command and Control Association

ACCS - Airborne Command and Control Squadron

ACIC - Aeronautical Chart and Information Center

ACM - Advanced Cruise Missile

ACOMG - Aerospace Communications Group

ACOMM - Aerospace Communication Group/Wing

ACOMW - Aerospace Communications Wing

ACP - Alternate Command Post

ACSQ - Airborne Communications Squadron

AD - Air Division

ADC - Air Defense Command
ADCOM -- Aerospace Defense Command
ADG - Aerospace Defense Group // Air Defense Group

Adm - Administration // Admiral

ADMS - Air Defense Missile Squadron

ADO - Assistant Deputy Commander for Operations

ADS - Aerospace Defense Squadron // Air Defense Squadron

ADS(M) - Air Defense Squadron (Missile)

ADSR - Aerospace Defense Squadron Regulation

ADTC - Armament Development Test Center

ADWC - Air Defense Weapons Center

AEAO - Airborne Emergency Actions Officer

AEC - Atomic Energy Commission

AEDC - Arnold Engineering Development Center/Complex

AERODS - Aerospace Defense Squadron

Aerosp - Aerospace

AES - Air Expeditionary Squadron

AETC - Air Education and Training Command
AETF - Aerospace Expeditionary Task Force

AEW - Air Expeditionary Wing

AF - Air Force
AFAF - Air Force Auxiliary Field

AFAL - Air Force Astronautics Laboratory

AFAMF - Air Force Armament Museum Foundation

AFAMRL - Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory

AFAPL - Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory

AFB - Air Force Base

AFBMD - Air Force Ballistic Missile Division

AFC - Assistant Flight Commander

AFCA - Air Force Communications Agency

AFCC - Air Force Communications Command
AFCCCCA - Air Force Command, Control, Communications and Computer Agency

AFCMD - Air Force Contract Management Division

AFCON - Air Force-Controlled
AFCS - Air Force Communications Service

AFDTC - Air Force Development Test Center

AFELM - Air Force Element

AFESC - Air Force Engineering and Services Center

AFETR - Air Force Eastern Test Range

AFETRP - Air Force Eastern Test Range Pamphlet

AFETS - Air Force Engineering Technical Service

AFFDL - Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory

AFFTS - Air Force Flight Test Center

AFFVL - Air Force Flight Vehicles Laboratory

AFGLSC - Air Force Global Logistics Support Center

AFGSC - Air Force Global Strike Command

AFGWC - Air Force Global Weather Central

AFHRA - Air Force Historical Research Agency
AFI - Air Force Instruction

AFISC - Air Force Inspection and Safety Center

AFIT - Air Force Institute of Technology

AFJROTC - Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

AFLC - Air Force Logistics Command

AFLCMC - Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
AFM - Air Force Manual

AFMC - Air Force Materiel Command
AFMDC - Air Force Missile Development Center

AFMETCAL - Air Force Metrology and Calibration

AFML - Air Force Materials Laboratory

AFMPC - Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center // Air Force Military Personnel Center

AFMTC - Air Force Missile Test Center

AFNWC - Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center

AFNWCA - Air Force Nuclear Weapons and Counterproliferation Agency

AFOEHL - Air Force Occupational and Environmental Health Laboratory

AFOSR - Air Force Office of Scientific Research

AFOTEC - Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center

AFPC - Air Force Personnel Center

AFPFT - Air Force Physical Fitness Test

AFR - Air Force Regulation

AFRC - Air Force Reserve Command
AFRES - Air Force Reserve
AFRL - Air Force Research Laboratory

AFROTC - Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

AFRPL - Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory

AFS - Air Force Station
AFSA - Air Force Safety Agency

AFSATCOM - Air Force Satellite Communications

AFSC - Air Force Specialty Code // AF Sustainment Center // AF Systems Command
AFSFC - Air Force Security Forces Center

AFSOC - Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSPACECOM - Air Force Space Command

AFSPC - Air Force Space Command
AFSTRAT - Air Forces Strategic - Air

AFSWC - Air Force Special Weapons Center

AFSWP - Armed Forces Special Weapons Project

AFTC - Air Force Test Center

AFTEC - Air Force Test and Evaluation Center

AFWA - Air Force Weather Agency

AFWTR - Air Force Western Test Range

AGE - Aerospace Ground Equipment

AGMC - Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center

AGS - Aircraft Gunnery School

AIM - Augmented Intrusion Monitoring

AISW - Aerospace Information Systems Wing

AK - State of Alaska

a.k.a. - also known as

AL - State of Alabama

ALBM - Air-Launched Ballistic Missile

ALC - Air Logistics Center // Air Logistics Complex

ALCC - Airborne Launch Control Center

ALCM - Air Launched Cruise Missile
ALCS - Airborne Launch Control System

ALS - Airlift Squadron

Alt - Alteration (to warhead)

AMA - Air Materiel Area
AMARC - Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center

AMARG - Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group

AMC - Air Materiel Command // Air Mobility Command
AMDS - Aeromedical Dental Squadron

Ammo - Ammunition

AMMS - Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron

Amn - Airman/Airmen

AMR - Atlantic Missile Range

AMRL - Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory

AMUNS - Air Munitions Squadron

AMXS - Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

ANG - Air National Guard
Anniv - Anniversary

AOGV - Assistant Chief, Operations Group Stand/Eval

AOR - Area of Responsibility

APCS - Air Photographic and Charting Service

APGC - Air Proving Ground Center

APPL - Aero Propulsion and Power Laboratory

APRFE - Air Procurement Region, Far East

APS - Air Police Squadron

APT - Airborne Procedures Trainer

AR - State of Arkansas

ARBN - Airborne

ARDC - Air Research and Development Command

AREFS - Air Refueling Squadron

ARIA - Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft

ARRS - Air/Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service/Squadron

ARRSQ - Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron

ARS - Air Rescue Service

ARSS - Armament Systems Squadron

ARSW - Armament Systems Wing

ARW - Air Refueling Wing
AS - Air Station // Airlift Squadron
ASAT - Anti-Satellite

ASC - Aeronautical Systems Center

ASD - Aeronautical Systems Division

ASF - Army Service Forces

ASMIC - American Society of Military Insignia Collectors

ASP - Assignment Selection Process/Program

ASPTS - Air Support Squadron

Assoc - Associate

Asst - Assistant

ASTG - Aerospace Test Group

ASTW - Aerospace Test Wing

ASUPS - Ammunition Supply Squadron

ATC - Air Training Command // Air Transport Command

ATF - Air Task Force

ATR - Atlantic Test Range

ATRAN - Automatic Terrain Recognition and Navigation

ATS - Air Transport Squadron

ATU - Air Transport Unit

AU - Air University

Aux - Auxiliary

AVA - American Volksport Association

AvDG - Aviation Depot Group

AvDS - Aviation Depot Squadron

AVS - Audiovisual Squadron
AWS - Air Weather Service

AZ - State of Arizona

A1C - Airman First Class (E-4 during the early era of missiles)

A2C - Airman Second Class (E-3)

BAC - Boeing Aerospace Corporation

BBB - Burma Bridge Busters

BC - Canadian Province of British Columbia

BDU - Battle Dress Uniform

BEEF - Base Engineer Emergency Force

BEVo - Beteiligung-Vorsteher (weave)

BG - Bomb/Bombardment Group

B/Gen - Brigadier General

Bldg. - Building

Brig Gen - Brigadier General
BMAT - Ballistic Missile Analysis Technician

BMC - Ballistic Missiles Center

BMDO - Ballistic Missile Defense Organization

BMDS - Ballistic Missile Defense System

BMO - Ballistic Missile Office, and (later) Ballistic Missile Organization

BMW - Bombardment Wing

BOA - Broad Ocean Area

BOMARC - BOeing and Michigan Aeronautical Research Company (missile)

BS - Bomb Squadron 

BSD - Ballistic Systems Division

BW - Bomb Wing
BX - Base Exchange

c. - circa (about or approximately)
C - Celsius

CA - State of California

CACG - Command and Control Group

Calif - State of California

CALTP - Canister Assembly Launch Test Program

CAMAE - Central Air Materiel Area, Europe

CAMRON - Consolidate Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

CAMS - Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

CAPEX - Capabilities Demonstration Exercise

Capt - Captain

CARRC - Central Air Rescue and Recovery Center

Cat - Category
CB - Citizens’ Band (radio)

CBPO - Consolidated Base Personnel Office

CC - Combat Cargo // Commander

CCA - Combat Capability Assessment

CCAF - Community College of the Air Force

CCCP - Союз Советских Социалистических Республик (“USSR” in English)

CCO - Countdown Control Officer

CCTS - Combat Crew Training Squadron
CCTV - Closed Circuit Television

CCTW - Combat Crew Training Wing
CCV - Code Change Verifier

CD - Combat Defense

CDB - Command Data Buffer

CDC - Centers for Disease Control

CDS - Combat Defense Squadron

CE - Civil Engineer(ing)

Cen - Center

CES - Civil Engineer Squadron // Civil Engineering Squadron

CETO - Civil Effects Test Organization

CG - Communications Group

C&GS - Communications and Guidance Squadron

CHOS (unknown - used on 891 MSFS patch)

CI - Compliance Inspection

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

CIGTF - Central Inertial Guidance Test Facility

CINC - Commander-in-Chief

CINCSAC - Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command
CINCSPACE - Commander-in-Chief, United States Space Command

CLS - Contract Logistics Support

CMAH - Command Mobile Alternate Headquarters

CMI - Cruise Missile Integration

CMR - Combat Mission Ready

CMSgt - Chief Master Sergeant

CO - State of Colorado // Commanding Officer

Col - Colonel
Comp - Competition

COMSEC - Communications Security

CONOPS - Concept of Operations

CONS - Contracting Squadron

CONUS - Continental United States (generally excludes Alaska)
COP - Console Operations Program

COVID - Coronavirus Disease

Cpt - Captain

CPTS - Comptroller Squadron

CRD - Command Receiver-Decoder

CRI - Criterion-Referenced Instruction

Crit - Critical (error, used as a noun and verb)

CS - Communications Squadron

CSAF - Chief of Staff of the Air Force

CSD - Chemical Systems Division

CSE - Contingency Security Element

CSG - Combat Support Group
CSPW - Combat Security Police Wing

CSRL - Common Strategic Rotary Launcher

CSS - Commander(‘s) Support Staff

CSU - Colorado State University

CT - State of Connecticut

CTF - Combined Test Force

Ctr - Center

CTT - Combat Targeting Team

CTTC - Chanute Technical Training Center

CUWS - Center for Unconventional Weapons Studies

CV - Vice Commander

CY - Calendar Year

C3/C3 - Command, Control, and Communications

C3I - Command, Control, and Communications Integration

DAF - Device Assembly Facility
DASA - Defense Atomic Support Agency

DC - District of Columbia

DCM - Deputy Commander for Maintenance

DCU - Desert Camouflage Uniform

DE - State of Delaware

Dept - Department

Det - Detachment
Deuce - The Sylvania-Built Minuteman weapons system (Wing VI and Squad 20)

DFC - Deputy Flight Commander

Div - Division

DJ - Disc Jockey

DMA - Defense Mapping Agency

DMAAC - Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center

DMACSC - Defense Mapping Agency Combat Support Center

DMAHC - Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Center

DMAHTC - Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic and Topographic Center

DMATC - Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center

DMCCC - Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander

DMCCC-A - Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander-Airborne

D-M - Davis-Monthan AFB

DMF - Depot Maintenance Facility

DMSP - Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

DNA - Defense Nuclear Agency

DNWS - Defense Nuclear Weapons School

DO - Deputy Commander for Operations

DOCAL - Chief of ALCS Operations, HQ SAC

DOD/DoD - Department of Defense
DOE - Department of Energy

DOM - Directorate of Missile Operations

DOT - Training Division

DOTI - Training Division, Instructor Branch

DOTM - Training Division, Missile Procedures Trainers Branch

DOV - Standardization and Evaluation Division

DPE - Duty Performance Evaluation

DRI - Desert Research Institute

DRU - Direct Reporting Unit
DTRA - Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DUC - Distinguished Unit Citation

DYFJ - Do Your Frickin’ Job (polite interpretation)

EAM - Emergency Action Message

EAP - Emergency Action Procedures

EARRC - Eastern Air Rescue and Recovery Center

e.g. - exempli gratia (Latin for “for example”)

EHF - Extremely High Frequency

EHL - Environmental Health Laboratory

Elec - Electronic

EMT - Electro-Mechanical Team

ENAO - Emergency Nuclear Airlift Operations

ENDS - Enhanced Nuclear Detonation Safety system

Eng - Engineering

EOC - End of Course (test)

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

ERCS - Emergency Rocket Communications System

ERDA - Energy Research and Development Administration

ESC - Electronic Systems Center

ESD - Electronic Systems Division

ESE - East-Southeast

ESI - Extremely Sensitive Information

ESMC - Eastern Space and Missile Center

Est - Established

ESTS - Electronic System Test Set

ETR - Eastern Test Range

EWO - Emergency War Order(s)

EWOT - Emergency War Order Trainer

EWQ - Exceptionally Well Qualified

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FBM - Fleet Ballistic Missile

FBW - Fighter-Bomber Wing

FC - Flight Commander

FCJ - Field Command Johnston

FDW - Fighter-Day Wing

FE/FEW - Francis E. Warren (AFB)

FEAF - Far East Air Forces

FGT - Functional Ground Test(ing)

FIP - Force Improvement Program

FIS - Fighter-Interceptor Squadron

FIW - Fighter-Interceptor Wing

FL - State of Florida

Flt - Flight

FLTS - Flight Test Squadron

FM - Facility Manager

FMMS - Field Missile Maintenance Squadron

FMS - Facilities Maintenance Shop // Field Maintenance Squadron

FMT - Facilities Maintenance Team

FOC - Full Operational Capability

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

FOT&E - Follow-on Operational Test and Evaluation

FRD - Formerly Restricted Data

FRG - Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
FRP - Fire Resistant Pits

FS - Fighter Squadron

FSS - Force Support Squadron
FTD - Field  Training Detachment

FTM - Flight Test Missile

FTU - Flight Test Unit

FWW - Fighter Weapons Wing

FY - Fiscal Year

GA - State of Georgia

GAC - Goodyear Aerospace Corporation

GAMA - GLCM Alert and Maintenance Area

GBSD - Ground Based Strategic Deterrent

GC - Guardian Challenge

G.C. - Golf Club

G&C - Guidance and Control

GCTS - Ground Combat Training Squadron

GD - General Dynamics // Giant Drill

GDC - General Dynamics-Convair Division

GE - General Electric

GEEIA - Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency

Gen - General

GFAFB - Grand Forks Air Force Base

G.I. - literally, Government Issue (colloquial for a person in the U.S. Armed Forces)

Gitmo - Naval Station Guantanamo Bay

GLCM - Ground Launched Cruise Missile
GM - General Motors

GMATS - Ground Minuteman Automatic Test System

GMC - General Motors Corporation

GMG - Guided Missile Group

GMRD - Guided Missiles Range Division

GMS - Guided Missile(s) Squadron

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GMW - Guided Missile Wing

GP - Giant Pace

Gp/Grp - Group

GPS - Global Positioning System

GRP - Guidance Replacement Program

GS - Guardian Sword

GSE - Ground Support Equipment

GSC - Global Strike Challenge

GSS - Geodetic Survey Squadron

GSSC - Ground Systems Support Contract

GT - Glory Trip

GTM - Ground Test Missile

GTS - Guidance Test Squadron

GU - Territory of Guam

(H) - Heavy

HAC/RMPE - Higher Authority Communications/Rapid Processing Message Element

HADC - Holloman Air Development Center

HCOS - Health Care Operations Squadron

Heli/Helo - Helicopter

HERT - High Explosive Radio Telemetry

HF - Helicopter Flight // High Frequency

HHQ/HHQs - Higher Headquarters

HHSTT - Holloman High Speed Test Track

HI - State of Hawaii

HICS - Hardened Intersite Cable System

HML - Hard Mobile Launcher

HQ/HQs - Headquarters // Highly Qualified
HS - Helicopter Squadron

HW - Honeywell

IAF - Italian Air Force

IAP - International Airport

ICAO- International Civil Aviation Organization

ICBM - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICBMFES - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Facility Engineering Squadron 

ICBMG - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Group

ICBMSG - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Group

ICBMSW - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Wing 

ICBMTMS - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Test Maintenance Squadron

ICBMW - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Wing

ICM - Intercontinental Missile
ICS - Initial/Interim Contractor Support

ID - State of Idaho

IDS - Integrated Defense Systems

i.e. - id est (Latin for “that is”)

IFTU - Intelligence Formal Training Unit

IG - Inspector General

IGCG - Inertial Guidance and Calibration Group

IHE - Insensitive High Explosives

IL - State of Illinois

ILCS - Improved Launch Control System

IMA - Individual Mobilization Augmentee

IMPSS - Improved Minuteman Physical Security System

IMR - Individual Medical Readiness

IMS - Imaginary Missile Squadron

IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit

INF - Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces

Insti - Institute

Intel - Intelligence

INWS - Interservice Nuclear Weapons School

IOC - Initial Operational Capability

IOSSP - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Operational Software Sustainment Program

IOT&E - Initial Operational Test and Evaluation

IPE - Instructor Proficiency Evaluation

IPS - Interim Program Student

IQT - Initial Qualification Training

IRAN - Inspection and Repair as Necessary

IRBM - Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRCS - Intra-Radio Communications System

ISAFAF - Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field

ISD - Instructional Systems Development

ISG - Information Systems Group

ISS - Information Systems Squadron

IST - Initial Skills Training

ITS - Instructional Technology Section / Interim Top Secret

IWS - Integrated Weapons System

IWST - Integrated Weapons System Training

IZ - Inner Zone

JBLM - Joint Base Lewis-McChord

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFCC - Joint Functional Component Command

JP - Japan

JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JROTC - Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

JTA - Joint Test Assembly

JTF - Joint Task Force

KCCC - Keys and Codes Control Center // Keys and Cryptological Control Center

KCNO - Keep Calm (and) Nuke On

KCP - Kansas City Plant

KIA - Killed In Action

KJV - King James version

KS - State of Kansas

KSC - Kennedy Space Center

KTF - Kauai Test Facility

KTTC - Keesler Technical Training Center

Kwaj - Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands

K9 - Canine

(L) - Light

LA - State of Louisiana

Lab - Laboratory

LANL - Los Alamos National Laboratory

LC - Launch Complex

LCC - Launch Control Center

LCD - Launcher Closure Door

LCF - Launch Control Facility

LCMO - Launcher Environmental Protective Systems Control Monitor Officer

LD - Launch Director

LDA - Launch Director Advisor

LEAP - Lieutenant Early Accession Program

LED - Light-Emitting Diode

LEP - Life Extension Program

LF - Launch Facility // Low Frequency

LG - Director of Logistics // Logistics Group

L&H - Lineage and Honors

LLC - Limited Liability Corporation

LLL - Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LM - Lockheed Martin

LOD - Legion of Doom

LPA - Lieutenants Protection Association

LRAFB - Little Rock Air Force Base

LRS - Logistics Readiness Squadron

LRSO - Long-Range Standoff (missile)

LSS - Logistic Support Squadron

Lt - Lieutenant

Lt Col - Lieutenant Colonel

LTTC - Lowry Technical Training Center

MA - State of Massachusetts

MAC - McDonnell Aircraft Company // Military Airlift Command
MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction

MAF - Missile Alert Facility

Maint - Maintenance

Maj - Major
Maj Gen - Major General
MAJCOM - Major Command
MAJCON - MAJCOM-Controlled
MAP - Municipal Airport

MAPS - Mechanical and Pneudraulics Section

MAR - Master Alarm Reset

MAS - Military Airlift Squadron

Mass - State of Massachusetts

MATRON - Materiel Squadron

MATS - Military Air Transport Service
MAW - Military Airlift Wing
MBOD - Missile Badge with Operations Designator

MC - Missile Club (pun on “Motorcycle Club”)

MCC - Missile Combat Crew

MCCC - Missile Combat Crew Commander

MCCC-A - Missile Combat Crew Commander-Airborne

MCCM - Missile Combat Crew Member

MCCM-A - Missile Combat Crew Member-Airborne

MCRI - Mini-Criterion-Reference Instruction

MCU - Mechanical Code Unit

MD - State of Maryland / Missile Division / Mission Director

MDA - Missile Defense Agency

MDG - Medical Group

MDOS - Medical Operations Squadron

MDSS - Medical Support Squadron

ME - State of Maine

MED - Manhattan Engineer District

MEECN - Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network

MEP - Minuteman Enhanced Procedures

MES - Missile Evaluation Squadron

MF - Medium Frequency

MFCO - Mission Flight Control Officer

MFT - Missile Facilities Technician

MGS - Missile Guidance Set

MHC - Missile Heritage Center

MHF - Missile Heritage Foundation

MHT - Missile Handling Team

MI - State of Michigan

MIA - Missing In Action

MIFCO - Mission Flight Control Officer

MILE - Minuteman Integrated Life Extension

MILSTAR - Military Strategic and Tactical Relay System

MIMS - Missile Maintenance Squadron (see NOTE for 308, 381, or 390 MIMS patch)

MIRV - Multiple Independently-targeted Reentry Vehicles

MIS - Missile Squadron

Miss - Missile

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mk - Mark (warhead designator)

MLS - Missile Squadron

MM - Minuteman (missile)

MMA - REACT-era descriptor for non-Deuce Minuteman weapons system

MMB - REACT-era descriptor for Deuce Minuteman weapons system

MMP - Minuteman MEECN Program

MMPU - Minuteman MEECN Program Update

MMRT - Modified Miniature Receive Terminal

MMS - Munitions Maintenance Squadron

MMT - Missile Maintenance Team // Missile Maintenance Trainer

MMTS - Munitions Maintenance and Test Squadron

MMXF - Missile Maintenance Flight

MMXS - Missile Maintenance Squadron

MN - State of Minnesota

MO - State of Missouri

MOAB - Massive Ordnance Air Blast

MOB - Main Operating Base

Mod - Modification

MOF - Missile Operations Flight

MOS - Maintenance Operations Squadron

MOSR - Missile Operational Status Response

MPS - Motion Picture Squadron

MPT - Missile Procedures Trainer

MPTO - Missile Procedures Trainer Operator

MRV - Multiple Reentry Vehicles

MS - Missile Squadron // Mission Supervisor // State of Mississippi

MSAD - Missile Support Aircraft Division

MSC - Missile Security Center

MSD - Munitions System Division

MSET - Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Team

MSFS - Missile Security Forces Squadron

MSG - Missile Security Group

MSgt - Master Sergeant

Msl - Missile

MSLA - Missile Away
Msle - Missile

MSOS - Missile Security Operations Squadron

MSPTS - Maintenance Support Squadron

MSS - Missile Security Squadron

MSSQ - Mission Support Squadron

MSTS - Mission Support and Test Services

MT - State of Montana // Mountain

MTG - Missile Test Group

MTS - Missile Training Squadron

MTV - Music Television

MTW - Missile Training Wing

MUM - Munitions Maintenance

MUMG - Munitions Maintenance Group

MUNS - Munitions Squadron

MUNSS - Munitions Support Squadron

MVS - Motor Vehicle Squadron

MW - Missile Wing
MWR - Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

MX/M-X - Missile-Experimental

MXG - Maintenance Group

MXS - Maintenance Squadron

MXW - Maintenance Wing

NAF - Numbered Air Force

NAMAP - Northern Air Materiel Area, Pacific

NAOC - National Airborne Operations Center
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NB - Canadian Province of New Brunswick

NC - State of North Carolina

NCO - Noncommissioned Officer

NCOIC - Noncommissioned Officer in Charge

NCS - Network Control Station

NC3 - Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications

ND - State of North Dakota (also an ordinal)

NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act

NE - State of Nebraska

NEACP - National Emergency Airborne Command Post

NET - no/not earlier than

NG - Northrop Grumman

NGA - National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

NGC - Northrop Grumman Corporation

NGMS - Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

NH - State of New Hampshire

NHS - National Historic Site

National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NJ - State of New Jersey

NLT - no/not later than

NM - State of New Mexico

NMIS - Navy Mobile Instrumentation Ship

NMOC - Nuclear Maintenance Officer Course

NMUSAF - National Museum of the United States Air Force

NNSA - National Nuclear Security Administration

NNSS - Nevada National Security Site

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOCCD - Nuclear Operations Command and Control Division

NODAK - North Dakotan

NORAD - North American Air/Aerospace Defense Command
NPCE - Nuclear Professional Continuing Education

NPG - Nevada Proving Grounds

NRC - NATO-Russia Council

NRD - National Range Division

NSA - National Security Agency

NSC - National Security Campus

NSI - Nuclear Surety Inspection

NSS - Nuclear Systems Squadron

NSW - Nuclear Systems Wing

NSWC - Naval Surface Weapons Center

NTS - Nevada Test Site

Nuc/Nuke - Nuclear

NUDET - Nuclear Detonation

NV - State of Nevada

NWC - Nuclear Weapons Center

NWTTG - Nuclear Weapons Technical Training Group

NY - State of New York

N2S2 - Nevada National Security Site

OA - Olympic Arena

OAS - Offensive Avionics System

OCAMA - Oklahoma City Air Materiel Aera

OCP - Operational Camouflage Pattern

OD/ODG - Olive Drab/Olive Drab Green

OEHL - Occupational and Environmental Health Laboratory

OG - Operations Group
OGE - Operational Ground Equipment

OGV - Operations Group Standardization and Evaluation

OH - State of Ohio

OK - State of Oklahoma

OL - Operating Location
OMMS - Organizational Missile Maintenance Squadron

ON - Canadian Province of Ontario

OP - Outstanding Performer // Outstanding Performance

Op - Operation

Oper - Operational

OPEVAL - Operational Evaluation

OPG - Operations Group

Ops - Operations

OPS - Operations Squadron

ORI - Operational Readiness Inspection

ORT - Operational Readiness Training

ORV - Ocean Range Vessel

OSI - Office of Special Investigations

OSIA - On-Site Inspection Agency

OSPT - Officer Space Prerequisite Training

OSS - Operations Support Squadron
OST - Office of Secure Transportation

OT - Operational Test

OTSL - Operations Training Support Laboratory

(P) - Provisional

PA - State of Pennsylvania

PAA - Pan American Airways

PACAF - Pacific Air Forces
PACCS - Post-attack Command and Control System
PAD - Program Action Directive

PAS - Primary Alerting System

PBS - Pilotless Bomber Squadron

PCE - Professional Continuing Education

PCK - Peacekeeper (missile)

PCS - Permanent Change of Station

PDT - Pacific Daylight Time

PENDET (unknown - used on patch for WIP 2012-2013)

PEX - Patriot Excalibur

Photo - Photographic

PI - Philippine Islands (officially, Republic of the Philippines since 1946)

PIMR - Preventive Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness

PK - Peacekeeper (missile)

PKRG - Peacekeeper Rail Garrison

PLCC - Primary Launch Control Center

PLSO - Phonetic Letter Spell-Out

PMEL - Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory

PMRF - Pacific Missile Range Facility

PMT - Periodic Maintenance Team

PNAF - Prime Nuclear Airlift Force

POC - Point of Contact

POL - Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants

pp - pages

PPP - Pen/Pencil Pocket Patch

PR - Territory of Puerto Rico

Prov - Provisional
PRP - Personnel Reliability Program / Propulsion Replacement Program

PS - Photographic Squadron

PSA - Public Service Announcement

PSRE - Propulsion System Rocket Engine

PSRERP - Propulsion System Rocket Engine Replacement Program

PST - Pacific Standard Time

PTS - Propellant Transfer System

PUC - Presidential Unit Citation

PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride

PX - Pantex

QA - Quality Assurance

QC - Canadian Province of Quebec

Q1 - Qualification Level One (rating of highly qualified/Pass, no training required)

Q2 - Qualification Level Two (rating of qualified/Pass, training required before next alert)

Q3 - Qualification Level Three (rating of unqualified/Fail, retraining & reevaluation req’d)

RADC - Rome Air Development Center

RADMO/RAMO - Radio Mode

RAF - Royal Air Force (of Great Britain)
RAMO - Radio Mode (REACT era, formerly RADMO in GE system and 328 in Deuce)

RANS - Range Squadron

RASCAL - RAdar SCAnning Link (missile)

RATSCAT - Radar Target Scatter (officially, National Radar Cross-Section Test Facility)

RCA - Radio Corporation of America (name changed to “RCA Corp.” in 1969)

RCAF - Royal Canadian Air Force

RCE - REACT Communications Element

R&D - Research and Development

REACT - Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting

REACT-A - Console used in the GE-built Minuteman weapons system

REACT-B - Console used in the Sylvania-built Minuteman weapons system

Ret - Retired

RF - Rocky Flats Plant

RFHCO - Rocket Fuel Handler’s Coverall/Clothing Outfit

RG - Rail Garrison

RHSC (unknown - it appears on the patch for OSPT Class 00-17)

RI - Readiness Inspection / State of Rhode Island

RIP - Rest In Peace

RMS - Range Management Squadron

ROAMA - Rome Air Materiel Area

ROC - Republic of China (Taiwan, previously Formosa)

ROCS - Range Only Correlation System

ROK - Republic of Korea (South Korea)

ROPS - Range Operations Squadron

ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps

RP - Real Property

RPIE - Real Property Installed Equipment

RQF - Rescue Flight

RSLEP - REACT Service Life Extension Program

RTO - Radar Target Objects

RTAFB - Royal Thai Air Force Base

RTFCL - Read the Frickin’ Checklist (polite interpretation)

RTS - Remote Tracking Station

RUMPS - Rescue Under Missile Puke’s Supervision

RV - Reentry Vehicle

RVA - Remote Visual Assessment

(S) - Special

SAC - Strategic Air Command

SACCS - SAC (later Strategic) Automated Command Control System

SACM - Strategic Air Command Manual

SACR - Strategic Air Command Regulation
SACSO - Strategic Air Command Systems Officer

SAGE - Semi-automatic Ground Environment
SAI - STRATCOM Administrative Instruction

SALRT - Strategic Alert

SAM - Surface-to-Air Missile // Surface/Air Missile (RCAF)

SAMAP - Southern Air Materiel Area, Pacific

SAMSO - Space and Missile Systems Organization

SAMTEC - Space and Missile Test Center

SAMTO - Space and Missile Test Organization

SANDS - School of Advanced Nuclear Deterrence Studies

SAPO - Special Aircraft Projects Office

SAR - Search and Rescue

SASM - Strategic Air and Space Museum

SATAF - Site Activation Task Force

SAW - Strategic Aerospace Wing

SC - State of South Carolina

SCP - Squadron Command Post

SCS - Space Communications Squadron // Strategic Communications Squadron

SD - State of South Dakota

SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative

SECAF - Secretary of the Air Force

SECDEF - Secretary of Defense

SELM - Simulated Electronic Launch, Minuteman

SELO - Standardization and Evaluation Liaison Officer

SELP - Simulated Electronic Launch, Peacekeeper

SERV - Safety Enhanced Reentry Vehicle

SES - Systems Engineering Services

SETA - System Engineering and Technical Assistance

SFB - Space Force Base

SFG - Security Forces Group

SFS - Security Forces Squadron

SG - Space Group

Sgt - Sergeant

SHSCBM - Shipping, Handling, and Storage Container--Ballistic Missile

SICBM - Small Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (a.k.a. Midgetman)

SIDC - Space Innovation and Development Center

SIOP - Single Integrated Operational Plan

SLC - Space Launch Complex

SLCM - Sea/Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile

SLD - Space Launch Delta

SLEP - Service Life Extension Program

SLFCS - Survivable Low Frequency Communications System

SLV - Space Launch Vehicle

SMC - Space and Missile Systems Center // Strategic Missile Center

SMCC - Strategic Missile Combat Competition

SMD - Strategic Missile Division

SMES - Strategic Missile Evaluation Squadron

SMF - Systems Maintenance Facility

SMHC - Space and Missile Heritage Center

SMIC - Strategic Missile Integration Complex

SMS - Strategic Missile Squadron
SMSgt - Senior Master Sergeant

SMTS - Space and Missile Training Squadron

SMW - Strategic Missile Wing

SNL - Sandia National Laboratories

S.O. - Special Order

SOG - Special Operations Group

SP - Security Police

(Sp) - Special

SPCS - Space Communications Squadron

SPF - Security Protective Force // Strategic Projection Force

SPG - Security Police Group

Spl Wpn - Special Weapon (i.e., a “nuke”)

SPO - System Program Office

SPS - Security Police Squadron

SPTS - Support Squadron
Sq/Sqdn/Squad - Squadron

SQ 20 - Squadron 20 (i.e., 564 SMS/MS)

SRA - Senior Airman

SRACCS - Strategic Reconnaissance (and) Airborne Command Control Squadron

SRAM - Short Range Attack Missile

SRF - Strategic Rocket Forces (of Russia)

SRS - Savannah River Site // Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
SRW - Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
SS - Support Squadron (unique to 24th)

SSBN - Submarine, Ballistic Missile, Nuclear (a.k.a. “boomer”)

SSD - Space Systems Division

SSgt - Staff Sergeant

SSMT - Site Security Maintenance Team

SSN - Submarine, Nuclear (a.k.a. “fast attack”)

SSNT - Shape Stable Nose Tip

SSS - Strategic Support Squadron

Stan/Eval or Stan-Eval - Standardization and Evaluation

STARS - Surface-to-Air Recovery System (Fulton Skyhook)

START - Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
Stn - Station

STOS - Strategic Operations Squadron

STRAD - Strategic Aerospace Division

Strat - Strategic

STRATCOM - (United States) Strategic Command

STRATCOMWING - Strategic Communications Wing

STS - Summit Technical Solutions

STTC - Sheppard Technical Training Center

STUG - Student Group

STURON - Student Squadron

STUS - Student Squadron

Sub - Submarine

Sup - Supplement

SUPF - Supply Flight

SUPRON - Support Squadron

SUPS - Supply Squadron

SVS - Services Squadron

SW - Space Wing // Strategic Wing
SWC - Space Warfare Center // Strategic Warfare Center

Sys - Systems

S3 - Security, Survivability, Safety

(T) - Tactical // Theater

TAB - Ballistic Missile Targeting Branch

Tac - Tactical

TAC - Tactical Air Command

TACAMO - Take Charge And Move Out

TACFTRWG - Tactical Fighter Wing

TAS - Tactical Airlift Squadron
TAWC - Tactical Air Warfare Center

TBD - To Be Determined

TBU - Trainer Block Update

TC - Test Conductor

TCA - Test Conductor Advisor

TCG - Tactical Control Group

TCHTG - Technical Training Group

TCS - Tactical Control Squadron // Troop Carrier Squadron

TD&E - Tactics Development and Evaluation

TDI - Tamper Detection Indicator

TDS - Tactical Depot Squadron

TDY - Temporary Duty

T&E - Test and Evaluation

Tech - Technical

TEF - Training and Evaluation Flight

TEG - Test and Evaluation Group

TEL - Transporter-Erector-Launcher

TEMPEST (too complicated to define here - Google “Tempest (codename)”)

TES - Test and Evaluation Squadron

TESTS - Test Squadron

TF - Task Force

TFG - Tactical Fighter Group

TFTS - Tactical Fighter Training Squadron

TFW - Tactical Fighter Wing

TFWBF - Task Force Warm Blanket of Freedom

TFWG - Task Force Working Group (?) (used on GT 135-GB patch)

TG - Test Group

TH - Territory of Hawaii
THT - Transport and Handling Team

TIGER - Terminal Inertially Guided Extended Range

TIOH - The Institute of Heraldry

TM - Test Manager // Trademark

TMA - Test Manager Advisor

TMG - Tactical Missile Group // Test Missile Group

TMMS - Tactical Missile Maintenance Squadron

TMS - Tactical Missile Squadron // Test Maintenance Squadron (unique to 394th)

TMTG - Tactical Missile Training Group

TMTS - Tactical Missile Training Squadron

TMW - Tactical Missile Wing
TN - State of Tennessee

Tng - Training

T.O. - Technical Order

TOTL - Top of the Line

TP - Test Pad

TPE - Trainer Proficiency Evaluation

TR - Theodore Roosevelt

Trans - Transportation

TRF - Tactical Response Force

TRG - Training Group

TRNS/TRNSS - Transportation Squadron

TRS - Training Squadron

TRSS - Training Support Squadron

TRTW - Training and Test Wing

TRW - Training Wing
TS - Test Squadron // Top Secret

TSS - Test Support Squadron

TSgt - Technical Sergeant

TTC - Technical Training Center

TTG - Technical Training Group

TTR - Tonopah Test Range

TTS - Technical Training Squadron
TTW - Technical Training Wing

TUSLOG - The United States Logistics Group
TW - Test Wing
TWA - Trailing Wire Antenna

TX - State of Texas

UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UHF - Ultra High Frequency

UK - United Kingdom

UMT - Undergraduate Missile Training

UNC - University of Northern Colorado

unk - unknown
UPT - Undergraduate Pilot Training

U.S. - United States (of America)
USA - United States of America // United States Army

USAAF - United States Army Air Force(s)

USAEC - United States Atomic Energy Commission

USAF - United States Air Force
USAFE - United States Air Forces in Europe
USAFWS - United States Air Force Weapons School

USAKA - United States Army Kwajalein Atoll

USARPAC - United States Army Pacific

USERDA - United States Energy Research and Development Administration

USGS - United States Geological Survey / Universal Space Guidance System

USMT - Undergraduate Space and Missile Training

USN - United States Navy
USSPACE/USSPACECOM - United States Space Command

USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

USSTRATCOM - United States Strategic Command

UT - State of Utah

UTC - Universal Time Coordinated

UTTR - Utah Test and Training Range

VA - State of Virginia

VAFB - Vandenberg AFB (renamed Vandenberg Space Force Base in 2021)

Vandy - Vandenberg AFB/SFB

VAPT - Virtual Airborne Procedures Trainer

V-E - Victory in Europe

VI (unknown - appears on patch for WIP Class 2015A)

VNCC - Vandenberg Network Control Center

VISTA - Vandenberg ICBM and Space Training Association

V-J - Victory in Japan

VLF - Very Low Frequency

VQ-3 - Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron THREE

VQ-4 - Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron FOUR

VT - State of Vermont

WA - State of Washington

WADC - Wright Air Development Center

WADD - Wright Air Development Division

WADF - Western Air Defense Force

WARC - Western Air Rescue Center

WAUXCP - Western Auxiliary Command Post

WBOF - Warm Blanket of Freedom

WDD - Western Development Division

WEC - Western Electric Corporation // Westinghouse Electric Company

WES - Waterways Experiment Station

WETL - Weapons Evaluation Test Laboratory

WF - Weather Flight

WG - Wing

WIC - Weapons Instructor Course

WIP - Weapon Intern Program

WISM - Wing Instructional Systems Manager(s)

WOL - White Oak Laboratory

WPS - Weapons Squadron

WR - Western Range

WRALC - Warner Robins Air Logistics Center

WRDC - Wright Research and Development Center

WROCI - Western Range Operations, Communications, and Information

WS - Weather Squadron

WSA - Weapons Storage Area

WSI - Wackenhut Services Incorporated

WSMC - Western Space and Missile Center

WSMR - White Sands Missile Range

WSNSO - Weather Service Nuclear Support Office

WSPG - White Sands Pioneer Group

WSSR - Weapons System Safety Rules

W&T - Weapons and Tactics

WTR - Western Test Range

WW - Weather Wing

WWCVD - What Would Colonel Vercher Do

WWII - World War 2

WXS - Weather Squadron

WY - State of Wyoming

YONO - You Only Nuke Once

Y2K - The year 2000

Y12/Y-12 - Designation of the National Security Complex at Oak Ridge, TN

Z/Zulu - Greenwich Mean Time (a.k.a., Universal Time Coordinated--UTC)

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