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Matador and Mace

Matador (TM-61, MGM-1) - Tactical cruise missile with a range of 600 miles.  Guided by dual guidance system that combined radar line-of-sight guidance by a ground-based controller with “Shanicle”, a hyperbolic grid system similar to LORAN.  Powered by J-33 jet engine, the same used in the T-33 jet trainer.  Built by the Martin Company.  Carried on a road-capable mobile launcher, and was launched with a solid propellant booster. The missile cruised at up to 650 miles per hour to the target.  First launch took place 20 January 1949.

Mace (TM-76, CGM-13) - Follow-on to the Matador, first launched in 1959, and replaced the earlier missiles.  Powered by the same J-33 jet engine and launched using a solid rocket booster.  Mace A had a range of 650 miles and featured a new guidance system called Automatic Terrain Radar and Navigator (ATRAN], a map matching system.  Used same road-capable mobile launcher as the Matador.  Mace B increased range, up to 1,200 miles, and was stored in hardened underground launch sites.

Operations and Maintenance

Matador, 1 Launch Officer, 1 Crew Chief, and technicians,2 Warhead, 1 Flight Control Systems, 1 Guidance, 2 Airframe and Engine techs and 1 Booster Rocket.

Guidance crews on remote sites, 6 to 8 technicians.

Mace,  1 Launch Officer, 1 Crew Chief, and technicians,2 Warhead, 1 control Systems, 1 guidance systems, 2 missile mechanics, 1 missile systems.

Maintenance personnel included those for guidance equipment vehicles.

Due to number of people required to support the missile, a "mobile" Matador squadron with five launch crews could grow quite cumbersome.

As a result, the squadrons were soon deployed at fixed sites and the idea of a mobile missile was abandoned.

Bases and Deployment

6214th  Tactical Missile Group (TMG), Tainan AB, Taiwan - May 1957 to June 1963

58  TMG, Osan AB, Korea - April 1957 to March 1962

498 TMG, Kadena AB, Okinawa - February 1961 to December 1969

585 TMG, Bitburg AB, Germany - March 12954 to April 1969

586 TMG, Hahn AB, Germany - September 1954 to September 1966

587 TMG, Sembach, Germany - July 1956 to September 1966

4504 Missile Training Wing (MTW,) Orlando, Florida - October 1956 to December 1967

There were test and training organizations at Eglin AFB and Patrick AFB, Florida, some activity at Holloman AFB, NM, and some of the operational squadrons were originally activated in the states before deploying to Europe.  Squadron designations changed during the life of two systems 

Test flights were also conduced in Libya.

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