AAFM Award Programs

The Colonel Edward Payne Award for Maintenance and the General Saumuel Phillips Award for Operations were originated by AAFM in our early years.

Recognizing Outstand Missileers

The Missile Competition

AAFM has been involved in every missile competition since 1993, from Olympic Area to the Global Strike Challenge.  AAFM members participate as speakers and panel members, and AAFM presents mementos to participants each year.

Taps for Missileers

AAFM lists missileers who pass away are listed in our Taps for Missileers on our web page and in our newsletter.  We honor all who were AAFM members by donations our grants to museums in their memory.

The Enlisted Heritage Hall

Two AAFM members have been inducted into the Heritage Hall in Alabama

Veterans in Blue

Some of our members has been inducted into the Veterans in Blue program and is part of a display in the Pentagon

"Victors in the Cold War"