Missile, Support and Headquarters Unit Designations

Missiles have been deployed in flights, squadrons, groups and wings, with headquarters levels at division, numbered air force and major commands.  Flights were common both in Minuteman and GLCM. The table lists abbreviations and unit designations   For a listing of missile units and all abbreviations - Missile Units

ABG - Air Base Gp                                                ABRON - Air Base Sq                               ABW - Air Base Wg
AD - Air Div                                ADMS - Air Defense Missile Sq               ADMW - Air Defense Missile Wing
ADS - Air Defense Sq                                       ADW - Air Defense Wg
Aerobrigata IS - Interdizione Strategica (Italian) or Strategic Interdiction Air Sq     
AeroDS - Aerospace Defense Sq                    AF - Air Force (NAF is numbered AF)  
ALCC - Airborne Launch Control Center                                 ALCS - Airborne Launch Control System
AMMS - Airborne Missile Maintenance Sq                     ASTW - Aerospace Test Wg
AvDS - Aviation Depot Sq        AVS - Audovisiual Sq                                         BMO - Ballistic Missile Org
CAMS - Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Sq               CDS - Combat Defense Sq
CES - Civil Engineering Sq           CONS - Contracting Sq                           CPTS - Comptroller Sq                        

CG - Communications Gp         CS - Communications Sq                                    CSG - Combat Support Gp
ESMC - Eastern Space and Missile Center        ETR - Eastern Test Range            
FLTS - Flight Test Sq                             FMMS - Field Missile Maintenance Sq      
GSS - Geodetic Survey Sq                IAP - International Airport
ICBMTMS - ICBM Test Maintenance Sq               ISG - Information Systems Gp      

ISS - Information Systems Sq          IQT - Initial Qualification Training      
LRS - Logistics Readiness Sq                        LSS - Logistics Support Sq
MADRON - Materiel Squadron                            MAP - Municipal Airport                     MD - Missile Div      

MDG - Medical Gp                                  MES - Missile Evaluation Sq           MG - Missile Gp or Maintenance Gp
MIMS - Missile Maintenance Sq             MMS - Munitions Maintenance Sq     
MMXS - Missile Maintenance Sq       MOF - Missile Operations Flight MS - Maintenance Operations Sq                        MS - Missile Sq MSS - Missile Security Sq                          MTG - Missile Test Gp                MTS - Missile Training Sq
MXS - Maintenance Sq                      OG - Operations Gp          OMMS - Organizational Missile Maintenance Sq
OSPT - Officer Space Prerequisite Training 
OSS - Operations Support Sq                    RANS - Range Sq                        SAD - Strategic Aerospace Div
SFG - Security Force Gp                   SFS - Security Forces Sq                         SMD - Strategic Missile Div
SMES - Strategic Missile Evaluation Sq            SMS - Strategic Missile Sq      SMW - Strategic Missile Wg
SPG - Security Police Gp                               SPS - Security Police Sq         STRAD - Strategic Aerospace Div
SW - Space Wg                                  TS - Test Sq                                         TRANS - Transportation Sq
TRTW - Training and Test Wg                   USMT - Undergraduate Space and Missile Training                  

WXS - Weather Sq

Some missile training units used MS instead of MTS.    44MIMS used MMS in error.  MIS or MLS was used by some missile squadrons briefly.
Wing staff functions in operations have been designated by symbols - DOT, DOV, D09, D022, D024, etc. and as part of the OG/OSS - OGV, OSKC, etc.