AAFM's National Meeting History - Part I

1994 - AAFM was in its second year, and conducted the first National Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO.  More than 120 members, spouses and guests gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in May.  On Monday, we met for a welcome reception, and Tuesday, two busloads took a trip to Warren AFB, WY to visit the 90th Missile Wing.  Others stayed and played golf at the Air Force Acadmey, and that evening, many visited the casinos in Cripple Creek.  The next morning, attendees toured Air Force Space Command facilities at Peterson AFB, Falcon AFB and Cheyenne Mountain.  That evening, we were entertained at dinner at the hotel by a country western group that was part of the Air Force Band of the Rockies.

1996 - We met in October in Santa Maria, CA, at the Santa Maria Inn.   We toured Vandenberg space launch and missile training areas one day, had dinner at the Far Western, toured Solvang and local wineries, while some played golf, and featured Maj Gen Don Cook, 20th AF Commander,  as speaker at our banquet.  More than 150 attended.

1998 - AAFM gathered in October at the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach, FL, with over 150 in attendance.   We toured space launch facilities, including the space shuttle pad being readied for Senator John Glenn's trip in to space the following week, and on the second day, many took an airboat ride and dolphin cruise while others played golf.  Many of us rose early the next day to see a Delta space launch, and that evening, Maj Gen Tom Neary, 20 AF Commander, was our featured banquet speaker.

2000 - We returned to Colorado Springs and used the Doubletree Hotel as our headquarters.  Over 200 attendees toured Air Force Space Command facilities and experienced the Flying W cowboy show and dinner that evening. The next day, while many played golf, others toured the Air Force Academy, and our banquet featured Gen Ed Eberhart, the Commander of Air Force Space Command as our speaker.

2002 - Once again, we met at the Santa Maria Inn, and toured Vandenberg and Hearst Castle.  Over 200 attended, maxing out the faciities at the hotel.  Once again, we had dinner one night at the Far Western, and many enjoyed the Vandenberg AFB golf course.  Our banquet speaker was Gen Lance Lord, the new Commander of Air Force Space Command.

2004 - We gathered at the Omaha Marriott and enjoyed tours and briefings at Offutt AFB, NE. We had dinner and tours at the Strategic Air and Space Museum, and a choice of local area tours, including the Omaha Zoo and the Durham Western Museum, or a day of golf at Pacific Springs. Gen Lance Lord introduced our banquet speaker, Admiral JamesEllis, the Commander of US Strategic Command. More than 180 attended our Omaha meeting. 

2006 - For the first time, we met on an operational Minuteman and Peacekeeper base, Warren AFB, WY.  Our host, Wing Commander Col Mike Carey, did an exceptional job of welcoming us with a great mission briefing and tours of ops, maintenance and helicopter facilities.  We met at the Little America Hotel.  Many toured local attractions and some enjoyed golf at the Warren course, and dined at the Western Heritage Museum and enjoyed some music.  Gen Kevin Chilton, Commander of Air Force Space Command, spoke at our banquet, with more than 350 in attendance. 

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2000 AAFM Board Meeting

        Lunch at Vandenberg Golf Course

        Airboat Ride in Florida

        AAFM Board Meeting in 1996

Breakfast at Little America

Arriving at STRATCOM Headquarters