The AAFM Newsletter Library

AAFM publishes a 20 page newsletter at the end of March, June, September and December.  Each issue is available to members who prefer the electronic, downloadable version immediately.  The newsletter is in full color.  The epversion is available to members online, and the print copy is mailed to those who prefer the paper version.  You can email AAFM to change your preference at any time.  A small number of print copies of past newsletters are available - email for availability and cost.

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1993      April     July     October

1994     January    April     July    October

1995     January    April     July    October

1996     January     September    December

1997      March   June     August     September

                December   December Extra

1998      March    March Extra    June   June Extra    

                September    September Extra   December

1999      March     June     September    December

2000      March      June    September    December

2001      March      June     September    December

2002     March      June      September    December

2003      March     June      September    December

2004     March      June      September    December

2005     March     June      September     December

2006     March     June      September     December

2007     March    June       September     December

Ju2008      March      June    September    December

2009      March      June     September    December

2010     March       June     September    December

2011      March      June     September    December

2012     March       June     September     December

2013     March       June     September    December

2014     March       June     September     December

2015     March      June       September    December

 2016    March      June      September     December

2017     March      June       September     December

 2018    March       June      September    December