Museums that Deserve a Visit - A number of museums around the country display missiles and related items. Several of these museums have been awarded grants by our association. Some that you should see and the web site for each - click on the name of the museum for web site access:

Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum - between Omaha and Lincoln on Interstate 80. An Atlas, Thor, Blue Scout and Snark are displayed in front.   Was called the SAC Museum until 2001.  Originally at Offutt AFB.
Hill Aerospace Museum - on the interstate in Ogden on the edge of Hill AFB, displays include a Snark, and the museum features a number of other missiles and many aircraft.
National Museum of the US Air Force - in Dayton, Ohio, formerly called the Air Force Museum, has the Hall of Missiles. To donate to help preserve our missile history, contact Doug Lantry at
Malmstrom Museum - Located just inside the base gate, and features early history of the area and the base and history of Minuteman at Malmstrom. Displays include a Minuteman Mod trainer and Minuteman II consoles.
Peterson Air and Space Museum - inside the base near the flight line, the museum features an early history of the area and the base and features a Peacekeeper trainer, BOMARC and several aircraft.
March Field Museum - on the east side of the base on the interstate, between the base and Air Force Village West.  The Minuteman from the old 15AF headquarters stands outsie.
The Museum of the Western Prairie - in Altus, OK, has an Atlas exhibit, with emphasis on the Altus sites and the people who manned them.
South Dakota Air and Space Museum- On Interstate 90 at the front gate to Ellsworth AFB, and features a Minuteman, Titan I and a complete Missile Procedures Trainers, an MM Mod MPT from the 44SMW/MW. The museum also offers tours of the Minuteman training silo on the base. They also have a display dedicated to the 44th Bomb Group, forerunner of the missile wing that was at Ellsworth.
Space and Missile Museum - At Patrick AFB, this museum features one of the most complete histories of our missile and space programs.
Titan Missile Museum - South of Tucson in Green Valley, at a real Titan II missile complex.  Offers tours of the silo and launch control center, as well as related displays topside and in the main building. The Pima Air Museum near Davis Monthan AFB features a GLCM display and a large aircraft collection.
Whiteman Museum - On Whiteman AFB off Interstate 70, is the former launch control facility Oscar-1. Tours include a visit to the underground launch control center. Requires advance reservations with the base.
National Museum of Nuclear Science and History - in Albuquerque, NM, with several missiles and displays about nuclear weapons.
Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum - McMinnville, OR, home of the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose and a Titan II.
Bradbury Science Museum - Los Alamos National Labratory in downtown Los Alamos, with the story of nuclear weapons development. Mark 12A and ALCM on display
Warren ICBM and Heritage Museum - on F E Warem AFB, Wyoming, with displays documenting ICBM history as well as history of the base
Ronald Reagan Minuteman Site, Cooperstown, ND Oscar-Zero - the site and one Launch Facility will open as a museum on 1 August. Information about the ceremony is available on their web page.
National Atomic Testing Museum - in Las Vegas, dedicated to the history of nuclear testing.  Has a Genie missile on display.
Minuteman Missile National Historic Site - On Interstate 80 east of Wall, SD, the D-01 Launch Control Facility (Missile Alert Facility) and D-09 Launch Facility from the 44th Strategic Missile wing.
Walker Aviation Museum - at Roswell, New Mexico, on the former Walker AFB, home to the 579th SMS, an Atlas F unit.
Wings Over the Rockies Museum- located on the former Lowry AFB in Denver, the museum includes displays about the 451 SMW, the Titan I wing at Lowry and other displays related to missile training.

Fairchild Museum, Fairchild AFB, WA – on base at Fairchild, Spokane, WA, once an Atlas E base, museum currently being reorganized for reopening
Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Hagerstown, MDL Limited visiting hours

Indiana Military Museum, Vincennes, IN - home of a Mace missile retored by TAC Missileers and partially funded by AAFM

Jacksonville Museum of Military History, Jacksonville, AR – near Little Rock AFB, with Titan II displays
Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum, Fairfield, CA,
On Travis AFB, the Travis Heritage Center hs a Hond Dog on display, that AAFM provided funds for .
Mighty 8th AF Heritage Center, Savannah, GA –
just off I-95 in the Pooler community
New Mexico Museum of Space History, Alamagordo, NM

San Diego Aerospace Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA – San Diego was home for the Atlas factory
Space and Missile Systems Center Heritage Center, Los Angeles AFB, CA

Vandenberg AFB Museum, Vandenberg AFB, CA – in the SLC-10 Thor facility