Greg Ogletree's Missile Patch Collection

Welcome! I am pleased to be allowed use of the AAFM Website to share a portion of my patch collection with you. I have thousands of missile-related patches, and this project illustrates patches from virtually every missile organization that ever produced insignia. You’ll be viewing “pieces of history” that, collectively, relate the mission of nuclear-tipped missiles and those who operated, maintained, and supported that mission—and, in fact, are still doing so today. Patches are a tangible part of our rich missile legacy, linking us to those who wore them on their uniforms. A patch announces, “Hey, I am part of this organization, and I’m proud of what I do!” It was true 50 years ago and it’s still true today.
A word about the patches you’ll be viewing: The scans are of patches actually in my collection, not of decals, metal plaques, art work, etc. And all these patches are authentic patches from the period when the unit was active rather than modern reproductions or collector copies. Because my collection includes what collectors call variations, and because most viewers aren’t really interested in subtle differences in colors or size, I’m including only patch variations that differ is some clearly visible way. If you are a collector and you’re curious about sizes or variations not shown, please contact me.
I wish to thank Colonel Charlie Simpson, who not only allowed me this forum to share my collection, but also has spent countless hours posting the scans and crafting all the accompanying text. I also wish to publicly thank the hundreds of people and organizations who donated a patch to this collection. Hopefully, we can eventually include their names on this site. If you have a patch that’s not pictured in the Gallery and you’d like to share it with everyone else, please consider donating it. Remember, any enjoyment you derive from viewing this collection has been made possible only because many others decided their patches deserved someplace better than the bottom of a drawer or a shoebox on the closet shelf. And if you have access to newly created patches, like those for test launches, SELMs, competitions, training (class patches), or other unofficial “morale” patches, please consider sending one of them this way so we can post it for all to see and enjoy. And now, that’s what I invite you to do—look, and enjoy. I wish you a wonderful journey through these pages!
Greg Ogletree
P.O. Box 937
Lompoc CA 93438-0937
(or contact Greg through AAFM at

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