Matador Memories - Members of the TAC Missileers and AAFM have recovered two important artifacts from the Matador days.  When Col (later Brig Gen) Fred Vetter was commander of the 587th Tactical Missile Group  at Bitburg AB, Germany, a missile badge monument was dedicated. Brig Gen Vetter's  personal flag and a desktop model of the missile badge monument have been obtained by AAFM and were presented to the National Museum of the Air Force during the TAC Missileers meeting at Dayton in July 2009.  Sadly, the monument disappeared when Bitburg closed in the early 1990s.  AAFM tried very hard to save the monument, working with US Air Forces in Europe and other agencies, to no avail.  See a story about the monument in the September 2008 Newsletter.

Finding a Home for Missile Artifacts

Where Should your Missile Artifacts Be? - AAFM gets many requests from members and others, looking for a home for missile artifacts, uniforms, documents and other items.  AAFM checks with museums and finds the proper home for most of these items.  If you have some items from your missile history and need to find a good home for them, let us know.