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  • John Lasher (520) 886-3430
  • Dick Kampa (520) 747-7592
  • Joe Brown  (520) 886-2379 or redsnooty@comcast.net9
Exact dates and hotel arrangements in the final stages.
Details and registration information to be announced soon. Watch the Warble Tone and the Facebook page.

AAFM 2020 National Meeting

SEP 23 - 27, 2020




390th SMW Memorial Association

Local Area Meetings


National Meetings

AAFM Members have gathered every two years, with the first National Meeting in 1994 in Colorado Springs. Since then, AAFM has met in Santa Maria, California in 1996 and 2002, in Melbourne, Florida in 1998, again in Colorado Springs in 2000, Omaha in 2004, Cheyenne in 2006, Washington, DC in 2008, Tucson in 2010, Great Falls, Montana in 2012 , Shreveport, Louisiana in 2014, Omaha in 2016 and Cheyenne in 2018. 
AAFM traditionally meets in a city near a military installation with a mission relating to missiles and nuclear deterrence. The agenda includes one full day of briefings and tours at the nearby base, a day and a half of local area attraction tours, a golf tournament, a general membership meeting with briefings on a wide range of topics relating to missiles and missileers and four dinners. Two of the dinners feature keynote speakers, usually senior Air Force leadership. Meetings are usually in October but some have been held in May. The number of attendees is usually around 300, with more than 600 attending the 2012 meeting, which was a special commemoration of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the First Minuteman alert.
On occasion, the AAFM Executive Director conducts smaller meetings at bases or cities during visits for other reasons. The local area meetings normally include an update on AAFM activities and a chance for missileers to gather. The last was in Omaha in December 2014. Members are advised by email and mail when these meetings are scheduled.
AAFM encourages unit reunions and those related to a specific system or specialty. We recommend that unit reunion planners combine their ev ents with our National Meetings, and let AAFM make all the arrangements for rooms, tours, meals and unit meetings. A number of units have conducted their reunions as part of our National Meetings over the last few years. Contact AAFM if your unit is interested. AAFM can also provide member lists for specicif units, systems or specialities to help planners contact potential attendees.
We post all reunon announcements on the Meetings and Reunions part of the Warble Tone. Let AAFM know early of your plans, so we can include them both there and in the quarterly newsletter.