Missile Heritage Grants

Missile Heritage Grant Program - Each year, AAFM provides $10,000 or more to museums for missile displays. To date, we have funded more than $250,000 in projects at more than 29 museums. We honor members who have passed away in the year before the grants are awarded by providing the grants in their memory.

Members - If you are aware of a museum with missile displays that is not on our mailing list for grant applications, let us know and we will add the museum.

Museums - We mail applications in the fall each year.  We recommend that you request grants in the $1,000 - $3,000 range, to allow us to fund several grants per year.  Specific instructions are included in the applications we mail to you each year.

To See a list of Grants AAFM has provided and members honored Click

2015 Missile Heritage Grants - Three AAFM board members considered seven grant applications totaling $22,000, and we gave grants totaling $13,875. Grants go to the South Dakota Air and Space Museum, $3,000 for a Titan I display, the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum, $2,000 for SAC History in 100 Artifacts, The Warren ICBM and Heritage Museum, $3,000 for Titan Missile Field in Lights, the Mighty 8th AF Heritage Center, $3,000 for Titan II Complex Diorama and the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. $2,875 for a Peackepeeker missile sdisplay. We honor these members we have lost with our grants: TSgt (Ret) Charles A. Adams, Jr, MSgt Clayton E Ahrensfield, Lt Col (Ret) Richard Ayars, Col (Ret) Charles S. Bailey, Lt Col (Ret) John Bon Tempo, SgtFC (Ret) Albert G. Bowles, MSgt (Ret) Ronald P. Bubb, Col (Ret) Donald G. Buchholz, Col (Ret) James G. Burba, TSgt (Ret) Preston Chapman, Col (Ret) Michael R. (Mick) Denington, Lt Col (Ret) Orville L. Doughty, Col (Ret) Richard Farkas, Capt (Ret) Walter l. Farmer, Maj (Ret) Lewis Feuerstein, CMSgt (Ret) Donald G. Frank, LtCol (Ret), Col (Ret) Nick Gaynos, Msgt (Ret) Richard D. Gotts, , Lt Col (Ret) Roland E. (Butch) Hahn, Col (Ret) Frank N. Halm, Former SSgt Leslie Hayles, Col (Ret) William J. Heske, MSgt (Ret) Leland Higley, Lt Col (Ret) Travis l. Hinson, Col (Ret) Charles Hoke, Lt Col (Ret) Loyd E. Jensen, Maj (Ret) Philip G. Mack, Col (Ret) Thomas H. McCormick, Lt Col (Ret) Thomas M. McGrath, William F. Morris, Lt Col (Ret) Richard J. Noel, Capt (Ret) Douglas Roberts, Major (Ret) Edward J. Rybicki, Maj (Ret) John A. Shafer, Chaplain (Col, Ret) William L. Rhoads, MSgt (Ret) David L. Shaw, Col (Ret) Richard W. Schoonmaker, Maj (Ret) Arthur Tanner, Col (Ret) Hiram G. Turner, Col (Ret) Raymond Urbanski, Colonel (Ret) Floyd E. Wikstron, Robert Wolff, Col (Ret) James B. Young.