AAFM and Authors, Researchers and Producers - We get frequent requests from authors, producers and researchers about the various aspects of Air Force missile systems and the people involved with them. We provide historical information to ensure accuracy in documentaries, books and articles, and many AAFM members have participated in interviews used in programs that have been featured on the History Channel, Discovery, PBS, BBC and network and other channels. If you need assistance in your research for a project, feel free to contact AAFM - our members eagerly participate in these projects that document our history.

50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the First Minuteman on Alert - As part of the  commemoration of these twoevents, we assembled a of personal stories about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the effort to place the first ten Minuteman missiles on alert at Malmstrom. On Saturday, 13 October 2012, over 600 people gathered at Minuteman launch facility A-06, the site of the first Minuteman alert, for a special commemorative ceremony. AAFM donated a painting by Warren Neary to the 341st Missile Wing.  The book, prints of the painting and commemorative patches and lapel pins are available in our Donations/Store area.

Air Force Missileers Book - The AAFM book featuring a history of all ground and air launched missiles, histories of other special events and activities, photos, poems, cartoons, a listing of more than 5,000 missileers, bios of over 300 AAFM members and much more was published in November, 1998.  Available while supplies last from our Donation/Store area.

Missile Patch Gallery - AAFM Member Maj (Ret) Greg Ogletree missile patch collection displays the patches in his book "Air Force Missile Patches" which has over 500 pages of patches and descriptions.  Enter the gallery by clicking on the patch above.