AAFM and the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Many members of our association were on active duty in missiles or other duties at the time of the October event that almost led to nuclear war.  AAFM has commemorated the event on several anniversaries, with a significant event duing our National Meeting at Great Falls, MT in October 2012, marking the 50th anniversary of the Crisis and the placing of the first Minuteman missile on alert in the 341st SMW at Mamstrom AFB during the October Crisis.

AAFM members have taken part at a number of other events commemorating the Crisis and discussed the roles that missileers played during those critical days in 1962.

Documenting the Role of Missileers in the Cuban Missile Crisis

As part of the 2012 commemoration, our association put together a book filled with personal stories of those who lived through the tense months of October and November 1962.    Copies of this book are available in the AAFM Donations/Store area accessible at the top of this page.

The AAFM newsletter has included a number of articles and stories about the Crisis, including a multi-part "timeline" of events.  The newsletter index on the Newsletter Library page lists all of these articles. 

An copy of the "Cuban Missile Crisis" briefing presented by the AAFM executive director at the Great Falls National Meeting, and the expanded version presented during the 2012 AFGSC Challenge (the bomb and missile comp) is available. This Powerpoint presentation includes the script for the briefing.

  Briefing Slides             Script for Briefing

Commemorating the Cuban Missile Crisis and the first Minuteman on alert

More than 600 AAFM members, guests, missileers from Malmstrom and local civilians took part in a special ceremony in October 2012 at 341st MW Launch Facility A-06, where the first Minuteman was put on alert on 27 October 1962.  Speakers included the Commander, Strategic Command, Deputy Commander of AFGSC, 20th AF Commander, 341st MW Commander and the President of AAFM.  A number of AAFM members who were young officers and enlisted members and were part of the effort to put A-06 and the rest of Alpha flight on alert were in the audience.  AAFM presented a painting commemorating the event to the 341st MW.  Prints of the painting are available on our Donations/Store area.

 As part of our National Meeting at Great Falls, MT in October 2012, AAFM put together commemorative patches and lapel pins marking the 50th anniversary of the event. They are available in our Donations/Store area.

Photos from the 2012 National Meeting, including the A-06 ceremony, can be accessed from the History of National Meetings pages.