AAFM and the Cuban Missile Crisis - published by AAFM for our 2012 National Meeting and available at our Donations/Store in print or here in PDF

Air Force Missileers - 1998 AAFM book with a history of ground and air launched missiles, histories of other special events and activities, photos, poems, cartoons, a listing of more than 5,000 missileers, bios of over 300 AAFM members. Available at our Donations/Store in print or here in PDF (Large File)

44th Strategic Missile Wing Closing - a book assembled by the wing in 1994.  Will be available here in PDF in the future.

Advance to Memory - a Titan II book put together by members of the 390th Strategic Missile Wing, available here in PDF

History of ICBMs - On Alert, by David Spires, published by Air Force Space Command.   A comprehensive history of ICBM development and operation.  available in PDF here

Nuclear Enterprise - The Air Force released “Flight Plan for the Nuclear Enterprise.”Available in here in PDF.

Books to Download or Purchase