AAFM and the Internet

AAFM is on Facebook at AFMissileers, and there are several other Facebook sites for Missileers, including Air Force MIssileers!, Minuteman Missile Maintainers, GLCM and several unit-related sites. 

We have listed some interesting sites below -

Missileer and Missile Web Sites - Note that using the link by clicking on the name below may not get you to the web page due to the security certificates - if you enter the address for each as http and not https, you should get access.  Our Web Page format program automatically inserts the s each time, so it makes the sites unavaialble.  All checked out recently when entered manually.

Missile Forums -  www.missileforums.com

AF Retirees - Home page for AF Retirees from AF Personnel Center. http://www.retirees.af.mil/

Patch collector http://www.usafpatches.com/

Atlas http://www.atlasmissilesilo.com/

Greenham Common http://www.greenham-common.org.uk

Matador/Mace http://www.tacmissileers.org/

Dan Boelling´s Titan Site http://www.titan2icbm.org/

AMMS Alumni http://www.ammsalumni.org/

A SAC Page http://www.strategic-air-command.com/

Astronautics Encylopedia http://astronautix.com

485th Tactical Missile Wing (Florennes) http://www.485tmw.com/

38th Tactical Missile Wing  http://www.mace-b.com/38TMW/

38th Tactical Missile Wing - http://www.mace-b.com/38TMW/

Dave Fields Minuteman Page - http://minutemanmissile.com