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History, Biographies and Systems

Command and Control, by Eric Schlosser - In the author’s words, about “nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident and the Illusion of Safety.”

Thunder over Dakota, by Lt Col (Ret) George Larson - a history of Ellsworth AFB, SD, that focuses on the Bomb Wing, with chapters about missiles, the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site and the 4 ACCS.

The US Nuclear Arsenal, by Norman Polmar and Robert Norris, is a review of every nuclear weapon and delivers system in planned, developed or fielded by the US since the advent of the atomic age.

History of the 556th SMS at Plattsburgh, by former Plattsburg NCO John Stone.

Camp Cooke and Vandenberg Air Force Base, 1941-1966, by retired Vandenberg historian Jeffery Geiger.

Images of America: Vandenberg Air Force Base by AAFM Member Joe Page.  A pictorial history covers the base from the early days as Camp Cooke through present day Space and Missile training and launch site.

Project Emily - Thor IRBM and the RAf. by John Boyes - a complete history of Thor in the United Kingdom.

Titan II Handbook, by Chuckm Penson - a complete review of Titan II, contact Chuck at 4310 N Old Tucson Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743

The Missile Next Door, by Gretchen Heffner - a look at our civilian neighbors in the missile fields, biased towards "we shouldn't be there."

DEFCON-2, by Norman Polmar and John Gresham - a history of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Velocity, Speed with Direction, by AAFM Member Lt Gen Aloysius Caseyand his son, Patrrick - the biography of General Jerome O'Malley. Order at

Titan II, by AAFM Member David Stumpf - an outstanding history of Titan II.

TAC Missileers, by George Mindling and Bob Bolton - a history of Matador and Mace

At the Abyss, by AAFM Member and former Secretary of the AF - his personal stories about the Cold War, some of which he recounted at AAFM National Meetings.

The Nuclear Express, by AAFM Member and former Secretary of the AF - a rev iew of all the world's nuclear programs.

The Reagan Enigma, by AAFM Member and former Secretary of the AF -a look at Reagan's run to be Governor of California.

Images of America series: Holloman AFB, by AAFM Member joe Page - including photos of Snark, Matador and Mace at Holloman.

Making of the Atomic Bomb, by Richard Rhodes (We have several other good histories of nucleardevelopment in our library.)

A Fiery Peace in a Cold War, by Neil Sheehan - biographiy of General Bernard Schriever. Many AAFM  Members pointed out errors and wrong conceptions in his book.

Inside the Cold War, A Warrior's Reflections, by AAFM Member Maj Gen Chris Adams

Not For Ourselves Alone, by AAFM Member Gary Conine - the evolution and role of the Titan II in the Cold War. - a history of the Cuban Missile Crisis with conclucions that many members disagreed with.

Mission with LeMay, by General Cutris LeMay and McKinley Kantor - LeMay's autobiography, with candid comments on leadership, ICBMx and much more.  Another good LeMay bio is Iron Eagle, and there are several more in our library.

Ideologoies in Conflict, by AAFM Member Maj Gen Chris Adams - in the author's words, "a Cold War Docu-story."

An Untaken Road, by Steven Pomeroy - a history of America's look at Mobile ICBMs.

Somalia Diary, by AAFM Member Bil Sims - his diary of service there duign the Black Hawk Down period.

Titan Tales, by AAFM Member John Womack - diary of a Titan II missile crew commander.

The Changing Culture of the MIssileers, by AAFM Member Col Larry Hasbrouck - his stoies of missile duty.


The Cerebus Option, by AAFM Member Greg Garza, a novel abvout missile maintainer Mike Tanner and the potentioal launch of a modified Minuteman "bunker buster" agaipnst North Korea

Death from Below, by Lt Col (Ret) Philip Moore - a novel about crews and their women.

The Whiteman Scenario, by Steve McCurdy - a novel about crew members and maintenance at Whiteman.

Random Factor, by AAFM Member Jeff Bair, a novel about missile crews and a special launch at Ellsworth AFB, SD, along with a look at the area and its Native American heritage, available at

Blue Gemini, by Mike Jenne -  about a secret space mission. Available

Red Eagle, by AAFM Member Maj Gen Chris Adams - a story of Cold War Espionage.

Launch Enable, by AAFM Member Carlo Croce - a novel about Mace in Okinawa.

React, by AAFM M<ember Oscar Reagan - a Minuteman maintenance novel.